Dental Practice Transitions, Made Easy

Buying or selling a practice is one of the most significant financial events in a dentist’s career – with only one chance to get it right.

From left: Dr. Brad Babcock, Dr. Steve Wolff, Debbie Wolff, and Tom Wolff

25 Years and Counting … We are proud to celebrate 25 years serving clients in the Midwest

From Evan Myers and Associates in 1993 to EMA Dental practice sales in 2007 to ADS-MidAmerica in 2015, we have worked diligently to uphold the standard of integrity and dedication to our clients shown by our company founder, Mr. Evan Myers. Not many companies in this market can claim the longevity and success we have encountered. Please enjoy this short video as he describes our company’s evolution.

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    • Omaha, NE: The highly profitable practice is located in South central Omaha in an easily accessible Commercial/Retail center. The four-operatory office has a very well established recall system seeing 1,600 patients. This is a rare opportunity based on consistent collections and cash flow over many years. NE419 Summary
    • Olathe, KS: This long-term practice is located in a professional building complex along a well-known route through Johnson County, Kansas. KC363 Summary
    • Northwest Missouri: Dual location specialty practice. Call for additional details. MO366 Summary
    • Kansas City, MO: Unique Orthodontic practice opportunity in Midtown Kansas City. Call for further information. Code KC362

Equipment for Sale

      • Overland Park, KS – Ortho/Pedo: Our client recently retired and his patients were acquired by another doctor, leaving a full functional office providing both orthodontic and pediatric dentistry. Lease goes until March and landlord would gladly extend lease. All equipment for sale. Pic1 – Ortho-Pedo Equipment, Pic2 – Ortho-Pedo Equipment 

Most Recent Sales

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Williams on the sale of his Lees Summit, MO dental practice to Dr. John Flucke.

We congratulate Dr. Jerry Haney on the sale of his Odessa, MO practice to Drs. Jeff Slutskiy, Peter McClellan and Daniel Rome.

Congratulations to Dr. Jon Siebrasse on the sale of his Parsons, KS practice to Dr. Adam Bulleigh.

We wish Dr. Emily Day the best following the sale of her Overland Park, KS pediatric practice to Dr. Wayne Dobbins.

Congratulations to Dr. Steve Carlson on the sale of his Gladstone practice to Drs. Doug and Garret Cochran.

New Blog Post: Deal Killers

  • IMPROPER VALUATION – Most practice owners do not have access to sufficient and pertinent market data to properly value their practices. The popular Rule of Thumb approach is overly simplistic and statistically correct only a small percentage of the time.
  • VAGUE EXIT PLANS – The Selling doctor has no firm strategy for when and how he will exit the practice. Hoping to just “work something out” will result in disappointment as the collections and/or seller’s health begin to slip, as they almost always do.
  • NO TRIGGER POINTS – When a contract has been proposed for some sort of a buy-in/buy-out, there is often a lack of definitive time and dollars amounts that detail when the seller will exit the practice. The prolonged waiting time will eventually cause the Buyer to move on to other ownership opportunities.
  • BUYER NEEDS – While sellers will hear the facts and figures surrounding the financial obligations of a Millennial buyer, they fail to absorb what effect that has on practice ownership. Practices with inadequate historical annual revenue will be difficult to sell as an ongoing business entity.
  • INADEQUATE INFORMATION – FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) fail to collect and properly format enough information about the practice for a Buyer’s Prospectus or even more importantly, a loan application. While the bar is relatively low for a buyer’s access to capital, post-recession lender documentation requirements are at an all-time high.
  • MISREPRESENTATION OF FACTS – All of us want to present ourselves and circumstances in the best light. However, being blind to the realities of their practice or facility is a good way to receive a firsthand education about our legal system. While not intending to do harm, not all FSBO sellers are able to maintain their objectivity.
  • UNQUALIFIED BUYERS – Yes the bar is low but some buyers are still unqualified, perhaps as a result of inadequate experience, credit history or a flawed business plan. Failure to properly qualify a buyer almost always ends badly, often after weeks, if not months, of trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. FSBOs believe every prospect is a buyer.
  • POOR LEGAL REPRESENTATION – Not that the attorneys involved are bad attorneys, but FSBOs often take the path of least resistance and retain friends and relatives as counsel that has little if any experience in dental practice transitions. The price may be right but the experience will be painful.
  • BREACHED CONFIDENTIALITY – DIY marketing almost immediately results in a loss of confidentiality. Soon everyone knows “the Deal” and has an opinion. Colleagues, buyers, students, patients, vendors, staff and referring doctors will all soon know your business.
  • OBSOLETE OR OVERPRICED REAL ESTATE – Often the seller’s beloved building is unattractive to the potential practice buyer. Failure to be realistic about its value and functionality has killed many deals.