10 Questions to Ask Your ADAPT Representative

One thing is certain, Dentists will shop around for services, especially if there is a fee to be paid. For instance, we have recently fielded calls and questions about the ADA’s ADAPT program and what they have to offer. Rather than quiz us about it, may I offer a few questions you might want to ask when you give them a call, especially if you are a prospective seller? I’m sure their answers will be really insightful.

  1. What is the name of the local representative that will be meeting with you and handling your transaction?
  2. What experience or credentials does that person have?
  3. What methods of valuation will they be using?
  4. What lenders can they recommend in your territory?
  5. What legal assistance will they be offering?
  6. How many transactions have they consummated in your area?
  7. How many transactions have they consummated nationwide?
  8. What is the true, total cost of a transaction when using their services?
  9. Will they help with securing a lease for the new owner?
  10. Who will manage the closing?

Perhaps as a way of comparison, you might want to review the “Services for the Seller” and “Buyer Services” links from our website. Maybe it will spark some additional questions for your ADAPT agent.



One final question might be: as an ADA member, are you satisfied with the results of spending a reported $8 million to fund the ADAPT program? Personally, I might be inclined to call my local Trustee.

Steve Wolff