Seller Services

Analysis of practice to establish listing price

Our firm will do a complete analysis including the inventory of the tangible assets and a survey of the tax returns to access the feasibility of a sale/purchase of the practice. This will include normalization of the income tax returns and cash flow studies for the buyer. We are members of the Institute of Business Appraisers, the Practice Value Study Group and the ADS Dental Transitions network of brokers and appraisers. In addition to our in-house information, we have access to the largest and most accurate databases of sales information related to dental office transactions.

Production of Investor Prospectus

In order to assist the buyer in making an informed decision and the lender in evaluating the transaction for a loan, we will produce a buyer prospectus. The prospectus will contain most if not all the demographic, patient and financial information the buyer needs, including the equipment inventory and pictures of the practice. We will hold and supervise site visits to the office by pre-qualified prospects.

Screen Buyers

All prospects must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving specific and personal information about our clients. We take calls and e-mails, do interviews, check the buyer’s credit ability, and do showings at no expense to you or potential buyers. This saves you time and allows you to maintain your schedule without interruption to keep the practice viable during the time it is on the market. You also save valuable time by avoiding spending time with buyers who are not qualified for a number of reasons, including not qualifying for the financing or lacking the experience to adequately produce or manage a practice.

Advertising of the practice in most of the recognized mediums

At our expense, we place advertising in national magazines, state, and local dental journals, and on the ADS MidAmerica Dental Practice Sales, ADS Dental Transitions and other appropriate websites. In addition, we can do direct mail pieces and place non-specific information at the dental schools. We maintain a list of potential buyers in our database. We also do local, state, and national trade shows and speak and exhibit at the dental schools.

Real Estate

Our office holds real estate licenses in both Kansas and Missouri and is qualified to arrange the sale, lease, and rental of real property. We will assist the Buyer in securing an assignment of any existing lease or, if necessary, obtaining a new lease for the practice location.

Arrange financing for the buyer

We maintain regular contact with lenders and local banks to which we will submit loan applications that we have prepared. We are able to finance most transactions for cash and can finance both the business and the real estate.

Legal work with attorneys

Our services include coordination with both the attorney for the seller and the attorney for the buyer in order to facilitate the earliest culmination of the transaction. We are not attorneys but suggest that you employ an attorney who has specialized transactional experience to prepare the appropriate documents for your transaction. We can recommend attorneys with whom we have worked, who have demonstrated the ability to complete transactions in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost. We also have an attorney on retainer in our office that can represent you with whom we have a long record of successful transitions.

Accounting and tax services

We work with your accountant or suggest CPA’s who are knowledgeable in the business transaction arena to minimize your tax liability. We work with the buyer and seller to find an equitable solution to tax liability. Again, we are not accountants, but have a working knowledge of tax and accounting issues that must be addressed in a successful transaction.

Closing services

In most cases, our firm will hold the closing at a mutually agreeable location and co-ordinate with title companies in the event that real property is involved. We will assist the lender in any lien releases and in making the allocation of funding. We will produce multiple, bound copies of the contracts and supporting documents so as to have signed originals for all interested parties. We will assist the buyer and seller in creating a letter to patients informing them of the change of ownership and custody of their records and will provide advice about the transfer of utilities, software and any ongoing leases.

FEES: Sales commissions are the greater of $15,000.00 or 10% of the selling price of the practice. Sales commissions are due and paid to ADS MidAmerica at the closing from the proceeds of the sale, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon prior to the closing. ADS MidAmerica will be responsible for all costs incurred for the services we provide.

Commitment to Success

We work with the buyer and their staff to assure their success. We now have well over 250 transitions to our credit in this market and are very proud of our ongoing record of successful transitions. We know you want the person who follows you to achieve the same level of success you have enjoyed, and we work with all parties to make this happen. Our first hand experience in the management and success of a dental practice gives us insight on what problems to expect and how to deal with them.