Electronic Non-Disclosure

Wolff Dental Services Group, LLC d/b/a ADS MidAmerica Dental Practice Sales (“MidAmerica”), as agent, is provided certain financial and other information (the “Information”), by sellers or employers offering businesses and real property for sale or lease or offering employment, some of which may be disclosed to me as a Prospect solely for evaluation purposes.  In consideration of MidAmerica furnishing me with the Information, I agree as follows:

  1. I shall not disclose to any third party, except my attorney, accountant or professional advisor any of the Information.
  2. I shall not directly contact, negotiate with respect to, or discuss with any such seller or employer without the prior written consent of MidAmerica.
  3. I release and hold MidAmerica harmless with respect to any errors, omissions or misrepresentations included in the Information.
  4. During the course of my evaluation of any business or employment, I may provide MidAmerica with personal financial and other information and I hereby authorize MidAmerica to release and disclose such information to any seller/employer deemed appropriate by MidAmerica.
  5. If I purchase a business or accept employment introduced to me by MidAmerica, MidAmerica may publicize the acquisition or employment in any manner it deems appropriate.
  6. In the event the transaction contemplated is not concluded, I shall promptly return the Information to MidAmerica.