By the Numbers –

a blog post from Dr. Steve Wolf

Here are a few numbers that buyers and sellers of dental practices may find interesting:

6003: Largest class of dental students to date – 1978.

$250,000: current baseline student loan debt.

$2800: my student loan debt upon graduation in 1977.

160: UMKC Class of 1977 celebrating their 40th reunion at the Midwest Dental Conference.

1: Number of Women graduates in UMKC Class of 1977.

102: UMKC class of 2016

65: University of Nebraska College of Dentistry Class of 1977

47: University of Nebraska College of Dentistry Class of 2016

76: net loss (33.78%) of graduates at UMKC and UNCD 1977 vs. 2016.

100%: Financing available to qualified buyers from banks with practice acquisition financing experience.

5%: Chances that an associate will segue into ownership while seller stays and retires in the future.

0%: Chances the above scenario will work if not fully detailed before the beginning of the Associateship

1161: Professionally Active General Dentists- Kansas (Kaiser Family Foundation)

2361: Professionally Active General Dentists – Missouri (KFF)

945: Professionally Active General Dentists – Nebraska (KFF)

2.5%: Presumed annual retirement rate based on a 40 year career

50%: Practices that have poor marketability as a result of revenues or geography

$400,000: Baseline revenues for a sustainable, transitionable solo general dental practice

$600,000 – $800,000: Transition “Sweet Spot” for a general dental practice

5%: optimistic projection for the percentage of sellers who understand the effects of asset allocation.

If you have questions about any of these numbers and are wondering what impact they may have on your practice and transition plans, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a note. We deal with the effects of these numbers every day and will be happy to discuss.

Dr. Steve Wolff – UMKC Class of 1977